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TITLE : A Gift From Your Mother

To my daughter love and encouragement to carry with you on your journey through life marci blue mountain arts on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers nationally recognized author illustrator marci captures the pure joy of having a daughter in this inspiring collection that will touch the hearts of parents and daughters photo by jon tyson on unsplash we played house in an easy joyful peaceful way lazy coffee chats on the deck out back meditation mid morning on the yellow couch a gift from your mother one a gift from your mother asks all the fun loving and insightful personal questions that help mothers create a one of a kind keepsake for their familywhat to know before gifting a down payment before giving money for a down payment consider the tax implications and paperwork requirementsa gift should make the recipient happy or at least not sad or angry as the gift giving season is upon us its a good time to remember that gifts are a powerful form of communication

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