Lameque and Miscou islands are located in the Acadian Peninsula off the coast of New Brunswick. The Miscou channel that forms the Miscou Harbor separates both islands. This region has a vibrant tourism industry with various attractions, especially in the summer. Such attractions include ecological parks, lush meadows, sandy beaches, and various landmarks. So there’s plenty to do whether you prefer exploring the great outdoors or having a lazy day. Here are a few of the sites that Lameque and Miscou have to offer.

Miscou Island

See the roads fade as you approach this rural slice of heaven. Miscou Island makes the perfect vacationing spot for those that want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The summer season brings ideal beach weather and gamblers can use the Unibet bonuses to place online casino bets at the Unibet Casino and also enjoy having a sunbathe. It can be an excellent idea to visit this place with your smartphone. You can use your phone to take photos and play online casino games at the Unibet Casino.

Miscou Island Lighthouse

Miscou Island Lighthouse and the surrounding area are other sights worth visiting. It’s the oldest building in New Brunswick and has survived everything you could imagine. Each guided tour of the lighthouse cost $6 for adults and $4 for children. The tour-guides speak both French and English and they are very knowledgeable about the history of the sight. Pick some souvenirs from the gift shop as you leave to remember your time there. The site also has a small restaurant. Sandwiches, beverages, and other snacks make up the menu. They also serve customers until the late hours.

Plage Isle Miscou

This is the quietest and most serene beach on the island. It’s also very smooth and sandy, a far cry from the rocky shores that characterize the island. The showers, changing rooms, and boardwalk are well maintained and not as crowded as most beaches in the world.

Acadian Peninsula Ecological Park

This ecological park is the only eco-park in the whole province. It’s designed in a way that enables you to enjoy discovering Mother Nature’s treasures. You get to learn more about the area at the local computerized interpretation center. The Arcadian Peninsula is a bird watcher’s paradise as many birds flock to nest in the summer months. You can also see many other little animals. A pair of binoculars and a multi-lingual guide come with the price of admission.

Eglise Ste-Cecile

Saint Cecile Church is one of the most impressive Roman Catholic churches in the world. It’s interior features such a broad diversity of colors that it’s nicknamed the Candy Church. This work of art was created by Paul Galvin in 1968 and has remained unchanged ever since. Despite being over a century old, the acoustics are amazing. Each year the church attracts various tourists and catholic pilgrims from around the world. The creator does not intend to do a second coat, so visit while the paint still shines.

Sentier Magique De Sculpture

Sentier Magique de Sculpture is one of the most whimsical places you could ever visit. This site consists of a forest trail that is lined with over 200 wooden sculptures. Therefore, it could make the perfect detour while you’re on your way to the beach or eco-park. Local self-taught artist, Barone Savoie, did all the art. The site is open to visitors only towards the end of August. So, make plans to visit Petit Lameque at that time if you would love to see the sculptures.

Club, Wind & Kitesurfing

If sun, sand, and windsurfing are more of your speed, ensure to visit Club Wins and Kite. This hidden gem is the ideal vacation spot for windsurfing enthusiasts. The winds are always blowing, and the sun shines during the summer. They also run a kitesurfing school and offer rental on gear and related apparel. The site also features accommodation, and the cozy little cottages come highly recommended.